DTG Printing (Direct To Garment / Digital Printing)

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DTG Printing, also know as Direct To Garment or Digital Printing, is a process of printing graphics directly onto a garment using inkjet technology. It’s similar to the process of printing on paper, except on clothing. 

DTG printing offer extensive color options which means you can print detailed designs and photorealistic images with virtually no color limitations. It's great for printing photos or images with multiple colors to avoid the expensive cost of set up fees.

Cost may vary for images with higher ink usage.

*Garment not included in price*


What type of artwork can I submit?
Recommended artwork is a high quality PNG with a transparent background. Otherwise a high quality JPG, AI, or PSD can be submitted. You can submit your artwork below or email artwork@otlapparel.shop

What is the turnaround time?
Turnaround time for printing is 5-7 business days. May vary depending on quantity.

What kind of garments can I print on?
DTG works best on 100% Cotton. Cotton blends (with at least 50% cotton) work as well but prints are slightly less vibrant.

What does a "dark shirt" consist of?
A dark shirt is usually anything darker then heather gray but varies on the artwork being printed. A light color shirt does not have a white background printed so the color of the shirt will be used as the background/base of the print. 

Why is the cost of printing dark garments higher?
The cost of printing dark garments is higher because a white base must be printed underneath before color is applied. Dark garment also need to be pretreated which acts as a primer so that the ink is more vibrant and longer-lasting.

Can I print garments of a different brand or do you only print OTL Apparel products?
We will gladly print garments of any brand.

How should DTG printed garments be washed?
DTG printed garments should be washed inside out in cold water, and hung to dry.